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"Hish, Roooy, howw ARE you!?" he slurred, "Haven't had mush tiiime to ta post on Lukishforrumss...but heelll thish loomin ale from aReSeN shorrre hitsh the, er, shpot. Andon'tfergitthe HAARD melonade..."

Roy took pity on the inebriated youngster and tossed him in the trunk before speeding along his way. Unfortunately, he was stopped for speeding, and the cops for some reason decided to search his car.

They found Das Mole, who was sleeping VERY heavily, charged Roy with manslaughter, and threw him in the clink.

"Crap," he said, as he heard the exiting jailkeeper say something about an autopsy and subsequent cremation.....

The man who hesitates goes home with jack. And his kids hate him.
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