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Originally posted by Orca Wail
Shut up, Andy! i don't see you coming up with any better!
Oops, I see you just started to blame something some otherwhere but I listening to jam and making a ham sand witch who was casting a fly rod over the rainbow to the pot of soup canastas we dance to in the twilight with the twi'leks in the X-wings who propose to confuse to fuse box which had a gift but I don't know what thrifty of them not to fill it up with money or shot through the arm with forty-forty-forty-four and GONE to the lady in the shell oh hell-O Bob, where's your bracelet slobbering dog, or hog, or catacomb monk, eee! what was that? i though i saw a donkey singing, no swinging, no bucking for a raise, but the haze made me think it was a trick. trucking over bills was a jolly holiday FISH, i said WISH, but i couldn't think and wear a hat so i pillowed my computer with a wraparound bat! oh THAT, just the reason i would do this, clueless and speaking to a cup with no lid. fids, there's another and a more and better but i'm stuck here till the the damn post ends. so friends, i think this is IT. the END of the world-bound musings and the mass confusings by a rock with no shirt and dirty moths who plunder beauty and dirt. my lovely love who sent me a dove and somethin' else that i couldn't speak OF if i tried and died and got refried for it, poor Little Dorrit had a bad binding there by a hair not fair for any common king. nothing was a rose, something was a posey and the teacher is pouncing grim. fandango on the umpteenth floor bring your paper suit OR just a bird to eat with on the way. oh hey, did i tell you about the girl who said too much, in too many places, got her head on backwards, and no real faces, one hand in her pocket and out waving out the ocean, and couldn't fathom dimes for a spoon-fed potion, a noodle that was addled and an egg that tattled and a sort of air-compressor on her own atom-smasher, brought the floor to its knees, and stole panties and wrote tiny bits of randomness with ease? no? guess i will, but first with the story of a man named fred.....

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