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What I think of the Kicks from JK2

Remember the kicks that people went around spamming, constantly annoying each other?

I just played JK2, and I was pissed as heck. People run around kick me, when I try to kick them I end up missing because they simply use /amsit exactly when I'm supposed to kick them.

I never know when to avoid them, because they always come sneaking on me.

This is really not the point, what I am saying is that IF they put the kick back into JA, make it less annoying.

I think they can be reached through console commands... forgot which though.

What do you think about them? Personally I think you should be able to kick with every saber type, but not the JK2 kick, I mean like a staff kick (but the animation has to fit).

I have alot of ideas going around my head, I just want to know what people think.

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