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Keralys - You Wyn !

Ive posted this in the "hottest chicks" thread too, but I would like to set the record straight re - Danni Quee vs Wyn Fel on the Japanese cover of refugee. PX from foreign covers has been nice enough to send a prompt and unequivocal reply to my query !!

Well, it's Danni. If you need proof, just have a look at this unused cover that was originally supposed to be used on the cancelled Knightfall trilogy :

The book was supposed to be centered on Danni Quee and a new Jedi called Jordallen (or something like that, I don't remember exactly how he was to be called), and set where Edge of Victory took place.

Hope it clears everything up.

So kids, continue to drool in Danni's direction.

Keralys, I stand corrected. But ya gotta admit, she did *F* all in the book ! She doesnt deserve to be on the cover IMHO ! All water under the bridge now,,,,,


*goes back to dreamin about Mara*

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