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Originally posted by Master William

I'm saying that people kick you when you're at the edge of a big hole or something. I'm not saying it's hard to counter, but it's annoying how people side kick me and then turn on Force Speed and run away. I can't of course kick them back because they keep moving in all sort of ways, and Force was turned off. The Force Speed thing happens in Force servers.

Just because I can't kick people good (I never use it, boring IMO) doesn't mean I suck at the game, I've had it for a long time.
It's called strafe-jumping and force pull. I can catch up to any player who's using speed by strafe-jumping (unless of course, he's strafe-jumping too, in which case I flip on speed too)

[sarcasm]Oh wait... don't tell me. You can't strafe-jump but you're still good, right?[/sarcasm]

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