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BIOS: ((Um, I probably should have cut down on the characters and joined the RPG sooner, shouldn't I have? Don't worry, if it's too many characters I'll just have them get killed or lost.))

Name: Che Altera
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Light brown skin, wiry brown hair, black eyes
Age: 27
World: Earth, Magic World
Timeline: Parallel universe to Earth's future
Weapons: Several swords and daggers, all taken from slaughtered opponents. Carrying a golden blue sword.
Armor: Vest and helmet of gold dragonscale, black leather greaves, enchanted boots that triple her already magically enchanced speed, and enchanted gauntlets made of a pure white metal. (Carrying in a pack, instead of a change of clothes, a suit of what looks like wolf armor.)
Bio: Che was born and raised a street thief. But when she was a teenager, she joined a paramilitary organization and was trained to be skilled with the sword and other combat arts. Her magic abilites had shaped her into a powerful warrior by the time she grew up. She now fears nothing.
Name: Termand Rwos
Race: Gargoyle
Gender: Male
Appearance: Beaked, winged and tailed; Brown skin tinged red, black hair
Age: 60 (30 human)
World: Earth, Magic World/ Cantinaverse
Timeline: Cantina 11-ish (Earth's future)
Weapons: Lightsword, longsword, axe-blades, throwing weapons
Armor: Partial, mixture of plate and protective nanotech "cloth", black/silver-colored, red highlights, blue traditional loincloth, also-traditional Blade mask
Bio: Rwos is a Blade, part of an "organization" that acts as guardians of certain interdimensional places and happenings. Rwos befriended Deac Starkiller and helped the Rebel Alliance/New Republic, among other things, in the "Cantinaverse".
Name: Trael Cean'R
Race: Altered Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Strangely-colored and shaped eyes due to genetic enhancement. Brown hair
Age: 40
World: Earth
Timeline: Earth's future (same as Rwos)
Weapons: Armor suit's weapon systems
Armor: Partially retractable bright red, winged metal armor suit. (Robes underneath)
Bio: Trael's real name is Henry. He was part of an elite government task force sent in a mission to negotiate with aliens that went wrong, and he was almost killed by a bioweapon. Friendly aliens altered his mind and genetic makeup to save him.
Name: H'lena
Race: Gargoyle
Gender: Female
Appearance: Standard gargoyle characteristics (wings, tail, claws, bony brows, etc), mauve-colored skin, two long facial horns
Age: Unknown
World: Earth's magic world
Timeline: Earth's future (same as Rwos)
Weapons: None
Armor: None
Bio: Not much is known about H'lena. She is K'Warra K'laar's half sister, which could mean she is immortal, or a time-shifter, or simply used magical means such as self-cryogenics to live as long as K'Warra has - whichever it is, she isn't telling. She is an expert spellcaster and has a great interest in professional combat.
Name: Cheyla A’melie (name resemblence to first character is a coincidence and my fault)
Race: Force-sensitive Twi'lek
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sky-blue skin, light eyes. Standard Twi-lek characteristics
Age: 20
World: Coruscant
Timeline: Cantina-verse, some time before The Phantom Menace.
Weapons: Two light-daggers
Armor: None
Bio: Cheyla is a young Force adept who has nearly sacrificed herself multiple times to save her friends, and even her enemies. She is not a true Jedi, but has received some Jedi training under circumstances she will not reveal.

*The five of the above-listed characters appear at once*

H'lena: Well. This is different. Where are we?

Rwos: Deac? H'lena, did we get here?

Trael: *speaking through a voice synthesizer* I do not know. But perhaps they *pointing to the Aeges* are about to tell us.

*Che is silent, looking around in awe at the room around them. Cheyla looks guarded and draws her light-daggers*

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