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Personally I think you should be able to kick with every saber type
I disagree. The saberstaff has fewer swing variations than the other two, and the two main special moves don't allow for free movement during them and are extremely susceptible to attack. The melee/kick moves balance this out. If all the types were given this ability, it would seriously nerf the staff stance and lessen it's attraction.

I don't think the kick should be changed, nor should the JK2 kick be added. Sure, I'd love to high speed twirly bird my staff around like a dual saberist, or be able to move in any direction while doing the kata like a single saberist - but I can't. What I can do is kick that smirk off your face though...


ps. Master William... play these guys or you're never going to hear the end of it around here. Win or lose, make a good show of it. If you lose, nobody will think less of you seeing the demo; but you're guaranteed that everyone will think less of you if you back out of the challenge.

Comm539 and g//plaZma... answering his question with "no offence, but you're obviously a poor player" and then continually insulting him though he didn't insult back simply isn't cool. So no offense, but I hope he wipes the floor with you.

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