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Didn't bother to read every post on this subject but was wondering if anyone has played Anarchy Online? The system they have for vehicles is very simple but yet effective. Once you buy the vehicle it stays with you in your inventory. You just right click it to get into the vehicle. This is not instantanious btw. It takes about 10-15 sec to get in. Once your in you can have an outside view or first person view. This could be modified to reflect ships in SWG of course. As for flying. It was not set up for combat as no vehicle in AO can go into combat but the vehicle is controlled by the mouse and keyboard keys. It's a simple yet effective way to fly around. Again, I am sure SOE can modified to allow combat. I'm guessing that SOE will impliment some sort of "zoneing" to get from planet to space. Once your in planet or in space you should be able to see anyone else in there vehicle(ship) and by clicking on them you can go into combat or attempt to board there ship. Frigates and larger ships could hold a whole boarding party and once aboard all players zone to the inside of a ship and attempt battle to take over the ship. Once one party is victorious, that party zones back into the new ship. Simple but effective. So many possabilities and I am getting my hopes up. I hope SOE does not F it up.
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