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Originally posted by Master William
What I'm talking is about how 90%
of the duels consist of kicking instead of using your saber.

Good Fight, mr-trying-to-be-funny
Welcome to ff duelling Mr William. If you dont want kicks, go to the vast (or not so vast) world of nf duelling. If you want ff, learn how to kick/counter kick/defend yourself. Its like saying "hey, people are owning me with a stun baton." Kicks are a part of ff obviously arent good enough to deal with them (or you wouldnt be crying about them), so expect duellers to exploit your obvious innabilities to win. Good Fight.

btw Mr Sith, please dont kick me or hit me while i'm chatting to my jedi mates! Cant you see i got teh chatbox up?!!!111oneone
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