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People who are adamantly opposed to kicks did not like them for one simple reason:

There was no auto block system to save your ass when you made a stupid mistake.

Kicks could be avoided and prevented quite easily, but all defensive moves implemented to stop them had to be done manually.

You had to constantly watch your position in relation to your opponents, you had to judge range, you had to rely on quick reflexes to roll/duck/side step, you had to know when to use force push to throw off their incoming attack, and many more things that all had to be done manually.

And even then, to master those defensive tactics, you had to do the one thing no one likes:

Practice, practice, practice.

You say you ďhate it when Iím trying to saber a guy and he keeps kicking meĒ?

Well, trying using your brain for a change, donít stand there and do a heavy triple and give him 3 more chances to kick you if heís obviously not going to engage you with a saber.

Feint in with a single swing, back step and let him land on a light stance lunge once he initiates his kick attempt.

(Iím talking duels where itís NF w/ kicks).

The amount of ďI hate kick lamersĒ people I encountered in Outcast who had even the slightest hint of game play knowledge was non existent.

The move frustrated you because you simply never learned the proper counters, so you have no one to blame for your shortcomings but yourself.
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