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Originally posted by boinga1
My big gripe with kick was that it did more than or as mcuh damage as a regular saber, dealt direct damage to the body, and was easily spammed. The fact was that in JO, if a red swing and a kick met, the swinger would be knocked back and take 20 damage, while the kicker took no damage and was on his feet.
Maybe you did not swing your saber worth a damn?

Ever consider that?

What pyro (greensmoke) just said about "play crow" was a reference to a clan mate of mine.

I am a total kick whore, have been since 1.03.

That said, there are people like crow and others who, if you even dare try kicking, you will get sliced in 1/2 every time.

crow is one of those guys who, at times, I am afraid to even try kicks on because I know I will get raped.

They do something many (obviously including yourself) fail to do:

They actually time and plan their swings so the kicker takes maximum damage if he tries to “kick through the swing”.

To acquire this ability so many of you seem to never have gotten down, one must study both the saber system and the kick mechanics and learn where and when to place those swings so the kick ends up being suicide.

There were plenty of players like crow who actually WANT you to try a kick; they actually base their game plan around it.

They “leave themselves open” and just wait for you to take the bait.

Once you try that pull+kick… slice right in half and the match is over.

But again, this all comes back to practice, practice, practice.

Something I know a lot of you never had much of judging by the newbie like “I hate kick spammers” nonsense.
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