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Hey Kurgan... decided to move this discussion from the "Open Letter to Raven/LucasArts" thread over here regarding bots on your server...

Why would you rather sit in spectator mode or run around in an empty level than play with a few bots?
I don't mind warming up with a bot while I'm waiting for someone to join, but the last thing I want to do when going online is to join a server with a 100+ ping and play against three other master class bots with no ping. And when another player joins it's a total drag having two other bots to deal with.

To me, going online is about interacting with other people. I'd be completely fine simply practicing moves by myself until someone shows up if it's a server where I want to play, because I know someone will show up eventually and that I'll likely have a really great time while I'm there.

I've joined your server once, Kurgan... it was the only time I checked it when there was only people playing. I have it in my favorites folder and always check the player list when firing up QT or ASE to see if anybody's there (especially you). Several times I've seen one person with three other bots on there, and I've almost talked myself into joining but didn't. Now if when I did join the other two bots disappeared as well, then I would definitely stop in and challenge that person until someone else showed up.

I don't need there to be 6+ people... I've had awesome experiences with only one or two others. It's just that at any given time there are 50+ other servers with one or two people and no bots that I can join - so why would I want to play bots? It's not fun.

Your server is pretty well known around here... I'd have to suggest that one of the reasons you don't see more traffic is because half of the slots are taken up by bots. Just my personal feeling though. Drop it to two and see what happens.


btw... do you use other names when you play? I look for you everytime I fire up QT or ASE, but maybe we're just on different time schedules.

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