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Right. We've called you here together because there's a problem on the planes...

A sort of...crisis...

Something evil wants to achieve godhood

Deac: Hasn't that happened before?

Told you he was smart! He's one of mine!

Furro, you're not the only one who gets a regular champion *Aside to self* Can't believe we used to date....

Anyway, point is, that this one wants to set itself up as the ONLY GOD.

Hammerhead: So it wants to kill Vendrigroth?

*The Aeges look puzzled. One whispers "That's what they call Him there", and they all understand*

Yes. That's it. It wants to set itself up as the only evil god and rule everything. That's why we've got you together.

Only Mortals can do this. We are bound by the laws that keep Ragnarok premature from occuring...AGAIN *Scowls at Deac and Rwos*

So the Plan is, we'll send you back to Deac and Greco's world and from there you'll have to follow the trail

Deac: And how do we find the way?

*He feels a small device appear in his pocket*

When you reach a planar node, that will activate. We'll give you all the information you need, but all we know for now is that IT has an agent in your world:

Reletha Darkstar....


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