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A'melie: The...planes?

Che: So you are...the gods?

H'lena: Wait, wait, wait. You pull us here without any warning and you don't even want to take the time for introductions? Who are you people...if I can call you that? And these others? *to Rwos* Aren't you some famous Blade? *to Selene* And you're a vampire?

A'melie: Please...someone explain what's happening...I don't understand. The Force is strong in this place, both light and dark, but something is all wrong...and how did I get here?

H'lena: "The Force" huh? Next you're gonna tell me those are really lightsabers.

A'melie: Of course they are. I am not a Jedi, but I have had some training in their arts.

H'lena: ...Really now.

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