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whOa... down boy. Now don't go getting the wrong idea. I got nothing against you or your server, and was simply sharing an alternate point of view - you did ask why I prefer not to connect to a server with bots...

So does this mean you don't want to play bots because you're afraid of losing?
I'm not afraid of losing... I actually do it quite a bit. I consider losing as a healthy way of improving. One of the reasons we see so much spamming of katas and "red stance only" single saberists is because people are afraid to lose. If there were more people willing to lose, we'd see a lot more interesting and varied matches.

A bot doesn't make mistakes, and takes away some of the thrill and challenge. No spontaneity, and no accidents. I think SkinWalker was trying to say that as well, wasn't he?

Playing an admin is "just as unfair" because we'll always have pings way lower than people joining
Hmmm... that's the third time now you've read something into my post that I didn't say... "you assume too much."

"All is fair in love and war," and this game elicits both from me. Rarely if ever do I feel that anything that happens online is unfair. I'm also not someone who needs a full house to have a good time, nor am I someone who joins a server and then immediately leaves. Very often I'll join either an empty server or one with a single person and try to start something. And I'm well aware of the admin advantage... won't save you though.

If you just want to practice, Solo Game is there for you.
Creating a local server with different game styles using lots of practice bots is how I prepare for going online. I did that nonstop for an entire week practicing with your information from Strategic Academy before logging a single hour online - which I greatly appreciated by the way. So when I finally do go online, I want to interact with people and have a real competitive match to tryout my skills. Bots aren't susceptible to taunts, accidents, mistakes, or emotions - which leads to an unrealistic playing experience.

Practicing moves on walls or health pacs isn't very useful.
One can't work on repetition of keystrokes and timing technique with a bot constantly attacking you. Ragnos is a great solo map because the center fire cauldron makes a good point of reference for practicing spins. What would be really great is to have a training map that has dummies and objects in different locations to practice stirke coordination and combo stringing. Several maps offer jumping platforms, but none have immobile targets to practice aiming.

If you're running a mod they don't want to download they'll disconnect.
I disconnect because the mod is going to take 59 minutes to auto download, when I could go get it from pcgamemods in about 50 seconds and come right back. I really don't understand why auto download has to take so long... I'm on a 1Mbps broadband connection and it takes like an hour or more to auto download a 4Mb saber hilt mod on most servers. I can only imagine what it must be like for 56k or cable broadband users.

But in the case of your server, I've downloaded all of the mods you listed here ahead of time so I'd be prepared when I joined. I've been looking forward to challenging you online because I know it will be fun... but I always wait for other people to show first because I don't want to waste my time for thirty minutes playing bots when I could be playing with others somewhere else.

But next time I see a person on there with a bunch of bots, I'll go ahead and join and see what it's like ok? And if you happen to jump on too, well all the better big boy.

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