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Huge Bug after Leviathon!!!


I had selected to go back to datooine and the leviathon thing happened. I completed that part of the game and got back onto the Ebon Hawk, and it loaded the datooine arrival cutscene. Then when I got off the Ebon Hawk I was in manaan. I went back on and left for Korriban and then after the Manaan Exit cutscene I was in a space fight. Then after that I was on the ship. With Zaalbar following me around. I went to the part screen and only Zaalbar and Juhani were available. The others were blue squares. When I highlighted the others it said 'I'm broke, so very broke' where the name usually appears.

I clicked and it froze. I restarted my xbox and loaded up the leviathon thing and played through and it did the same. This time I decided to change planet. I went to the cockpit and there I found the 'galaxy droid' I clicked on him and the text said 'Where would you like to go' and It gave me the option to go anywhere in the game:

taris, endar spire, and the unknown planet

If I select one the outside of the cockpit changes and the robot says 'We're here. Isn't space travel marvelous' Then I try and leave and the game freezes as it's loading. I've tried it loads of times.

Any idea what to do?

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