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Rwos: The Cantina...wait, this is the old one. Before it was destroyed and rebuilt...*He looks at Deac, then realizes* He's not even a cyborg yet. You don't know, do you.

H'lena: I wish I could say this was the first time this happened to me. Sadly, it isn't. So rather than bask in shock and awe, how about we get some introductions? I'm H'lena. I'm a mage. You there with the metal suit. Who are you?

Trael: I am called Trael Cean'R. My human name is Henry.

H'lena: And you, Miss Jedi with the hair problems. You are?

A'melie: I'm not a Jedi, I told you. My name is Cheyla A'melie. And these are head-tails, not hair. Haven't you seen a Twi'lek before?

H'lena: I could answer that, but you totally wouldn't get it. How about you in the dragon vest? *motioning to Che's glowing weapon* Nice sword, by the way.

Che: Thank you, I killed a god to get it. My name is my own, but you can call me Che.

H'lena: Great! Hi, Che. *pointing at Selene* And you. You and your posse, your vampires, but you're not evil, and you aren't, well, dead. Explain?

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