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((I cant help but to say that 1) the requirements of the opening stated a group of individuals and 2) Im sure enough that the Aeges are smart enough to 'pick' people competent enough to not need a group of underlings for help.

just to negate that whole thing, but still, it doesnt seem right.
true they said mortals, and out came an immortal, which could pass, but still, no offence ^_^;;)

*Davin keeps his back from the group, apparently not caring what happened, he keeps his left arm folded across his chest supporting his right in a relaxed position. He studies his right hand, the fingernails well appearing to be claws, alot like the vampiric ones. He remains in a deep thought.*

Davin 'It's still occuring, if those were real gods, maybe I should have asked...'

*He peers into his trenchcoat, inside was a small container taht had a sringe with 5 vials taht can be placed with in the sringe. Only four of the vials had liquid in them, a yellow fluid.*

Davin 'This quest, what ever it is about better only last for about a week, I don't want to turn into that again...'

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