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@ eidospsogos glad to make your day A very simple way to make an alpha channel is this on the layer your working on make a path or selection if you make a path you can then convert the path to selection using the button at the bottom of the path’s palette. Anyways once you have made the selection go to the channels palette and at the bottom there click on the second button the one that has a circle in a square called ( save selection as channel ) then you can paint black or white use any of the filters or levels to play with the alpha channel

@ razorace if I tell you I’ll have to kill you . just kidding man

As I said I was searching for some time my key words were .”png photoshop plugin with alpha channels”. I was almost ready to give up after the 500 th link,...about png’s usage for browser test’s Blah, blah, blah…. and spec's and what not. Then I found it, as it turns out I got it at a site for skinning tribes 2 characters I don't have the game tribes 2 but “ I Believe my search is over, I have found the one!” So I downloaded it and save it to my hard drive. Tried it and what do you know it works I was so happy a made few mistakes setting up that web page to host it but in the end it was worth it because after all now we can all get to skinning.

Lets all enjoy the now toy

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