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And I thought I was good @ being random!

Mr Heirophant, why are you smiling at me with the scary eyes? Napoleon moved out of the cave cos there was water in it and he started MELTING so he found a different chess board.lime jelly is poisonous, people, never eat it with cheese DAVID BLAINE DAVID BLAINE RIDING THROUGH THE NIGHT look the monkeys are dancing again and HELP it's done something to me I can feel it inside AAAAAAAARGH MELON MELON MELON wheeeeeeeee i think the mostauche pills are working guess wot i can channel dead people through my braiiiiiiiin I SEE DEAD PEOPLE YAY here comes Elvis again the walls are pink but theres no furniture inside DID U KNOW mice are sometimes looking like aardvarks Spongebob stop drinking my shoes DAMN YOU DAVID ATTENBOROUGH i beleive in trees YOU CAN TAKE AN ARM YOU CAN TAKE A LEG BUT DONT GIVE ME THE NEEDLE i like tractors i want a trailer for my ears they're beasts im telling you BEASTS!

don't worry Ernil, I won't steal your ideas, just to prove it this page is a culmination of all the strange random thought s I've had over the last few weeks....


"If I knew I was going to die today, I wouldn't have done all that homework!"- Tenchi

"Mmmm......vegetarian steak...."
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