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Great attitude there, I love how somebody assumes their slang terms for a move are used by the entire community.

; )

Seriously... I've been playing since day one and I didn't know what a 2handedbs was.... though I could guess bs meant "Backstab" is the "2 handed" part dual sabers or saberstaff? Or something else?


Not to be an a$$ here myself, but if you're so good why do you need a script to do this simple move? Honestly, a backstab is a backstab, so any JK2 backstab script should work fine. Did you try that?

* Then again, he might be referring to the Roll-Stab with dual sabers or the "slash left & right" or "slash forward and back" moves. Of course those are all listed on my site, so if you know how to make a script it should be very easy for you to put one together, since all you're doing is pressing a direction and attack (when enemies are in the right spots of course, relative to you).

Check the giant sticky'ed script thread.
That's the best advice. ; )

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