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((Everyone's replying so fast, but half of you aren't reading what happened before! ))

Che: *to Alcarohtar* Maybe. I don't know if we've met.

A'melie: Whoever those..."gods"...were, I could sense great good in them. Most of them. Perhaps we should trust them.

H'lena: I agree. I didn't sense any malicious intent from the ones who spoke to us, even though I could tell some weren't happy we were there...I expect more answers will be coming if we find this "Reletha".

Rwos: This Reletha is a relative of Deac's. *pointing to Deac* By the way, my name is Termand Rwos.

Trael: I know of you. The government who previously employed me severly disliked the Blades.

Rwos: I'm not surprised.

H'lena: *looking at Hammerhead* Hey, you still haven't introduced yourself. Wanna speak up?

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