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K here is what should happen totally get the republic gunship and dropship out of the support lot they need a special drop hanger or something to be created from. Once built the gunship should come with 2 rockets and must return to the drop hanger to reload more rockets its load can be upgraded to 2 more rocket cell capsules but it takes twice as much time to reload 4 rockets in (2 rockets = 50 secs 4 = 90secs) This drop bay should be an auto repair also repairing it slower than worker repair but still effective. If a gunship is to idle in the skys you can set it so it comes back to the drop hanger/zone/bay whatever.

There is no way a diplomat will walk to another trade lot and get resources they are speakers not workers. Maybe this negotiations hall could have special econ upgrades for the republic like could tax its business industries more and get funds in that way since Coruscant is covered with factories and cities the Politications and dip into its funds or its war ojectives. But please change the trader name.

Umm support lot doesn't sound any better support units in SWGB1 are your workers who fuel your econ and gunship isnt a support unit its the heart of the skys in the Republic Army. The speeder bike, All Terrain Tactical Enforcer and the Self Propelled Heavy Artillery-Turbolaser should be in Machine Yard but the speeder can only be unlocked when a Machine Yard and cloning facility is built. This prevents the support lot being an over powered building to many great units can be built from it and air should be seperated from mechs in a building.

Im kinda having second thoughts about the moveable buildings but clone facilities and mech yards should not be movable buildings a worker will have to build them there it makes it fair since we didn't see any buildings like that being moved.Drop ships should move about same speed as the air cruiser in swgb1 when moving buildings. Drop hangers should be able to so the gunship can reload in the frontline very cool but it should be vulnerbale when reloading and by the time it starts getting attacked and starts to take off it would have been destroyed.

I disagree about them being great vs fighters unless the enemy fighter is right next to a laser or right in front and get rocketed but there rockets were not tht accurate lets be honest. So since they are so great vs ground units they should not be that great vses fighters. Jedi Starfighters are the ones you need your countering fighters fast and very accurate it is a force (literally) to be rekoned with especially in waves. With the starfighter its either mass them for dog battles in the sky or scout with them. It has shields and can auto repair thanx to the artoo in the back but its armor is very weak. 2 Light missiles are loaded in it good vs fighters they can not be fired at ground units it must rely on its lasers for this job.

Radars- Like the CnC series radars should be deployed at the command centers to reveal the mini map since alot of communication jamming was used in SW battles I think radars would be a great idea once destroyed mini map is gone so deployong mulitple radars at mulitple command centers wouldnt be a bad idea.

Confed and Trade Federation- Since they cant be promoted they should have a Droid Control Device deploy at the command center to receive signals and do better in battle should add a little more balance.

Hope you read since there are some great ideas in there excuse my spelling and stuff cause I'm not reading it again.

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