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Most of your ideas are C&C based, whereas I'm doing things more AoM based. Here's what I have to say:

- I will change the places the units are built, because contrary to what I said, it would be cool to have some more possible units. So I'll leave room for other units (which as I've stated I won't make up).

- No to reloading. This is one of the things I hate about some RTS games. Reloading would be done like the Comanche in C&C:G, in that it just has a delay.

- That is the point of the Diplomat, he's not going there and getting the cash, he's staying at the ally's place, negotiating with them to tribute to the Republic. He's staying, because I think it's a good idea.

- Will change the Support Lot thing.

- I think the moveable buildings work well as they are.

- I'm hesitant to make the Jedi Starfighter the primary Anti-Air unit. It should be more of a special abilities based unit. Chances are we'll see more of the Republic's Aircraft in the opening battle of Episode III, so it's hard to say definively. However I think due to the Gunship's rockets being seekers, they would be good against Air. Picture the gunship working kind of like the Comanche in C&C:G, except it can transport and is slower and weaker.

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