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Troops should be upgraded to radar infiltration maybe or perhaps it is only a jedi thing.

The jedi starfighter was the republic air support lucas didnt add them cause he thought the battle went on for way to long and didn't want to keep the light show going and start boring us. So he kept it low key. So I think it should be the anti-air unit.

The reloading thing is the only realistic idea with its powerful lasers it will be way to overpowered people will just build 5 gunships and call it a game. I think it shouldn't be a bomber and a fighter all in one make a decision cause it is a little to overpowered the way it is. A delay should be at least 1 min per rocket cause it has 1 back laser, 2 trooper mounted shell lasers and I think it has 2 more on the front thats 5 lasers so rockets really don't need to be used that much anyways so delay should be a good minute or so.

LOL! a diplomat walking well now I've seen it all.

I really want the whole game moved away from the AGE SERIES its been done way to many times and it is getting old whats done is done and that based engine is over.

Radars or communications center would be a good idea to make things more interesting.

And ive never played generals once so my ideas aint based on CnC that much only the radar comes close to anything CnC.

You can keep the forward which has realism all over it but where is the balance there is none Republic will be the war machine civ if they can forward like you say they can.

Remember vostok they are 2 civs fighting for the land not fighting from another planet just keep that in mind

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