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Re: Hoth Siege

Originally posted by cayqel
It's seems like sometimes the AT-ST can be really dumb (ie, wasting time on rebels instead of shooting rockets at the generator), while other times it just tears through the first part of the level. That leads me to believe that some times it gets controled by good players some time by idiots.
Yep...that's down to bad players, I'm afraid. Although, to be fair, if the supporting Imp team is not doing their job keeping the Rebels off the AT-ST driver's back, then sometimes you have to resort to a bit of stomping around. I've had to do that on occasion, when some of my team simply remained over by the crates by the big door, and tried to take pot-shots with an E-11 blaster - while I had Demp shots and rockets pounding me from behind. Utterly ridiculous.

The AT-ST is vulnerable to five different types of attacks...

1. Demp shots
2. Rockets
3. Heavy repeater Secondary
4. Lightsaber
5. Det packs/Mines

So it's the job of the rest of the team to protect the AT-ST from all of those kinds of attacks.

Team work is absolutely essential for Siege, and the players for each class need to have a good understanding of their particular role - and how they can assist their team mates. And a good mix of classes on each team is better.

If I see that my team needs a particular class for a certain situation...I'll suicide and rejoin as that class to get that particular job done. Not every player is willing to do that, and sometimes are more interested in their personal score...rather than having their team win the match... I don't care if I have a minus score at the end, as long as the team wins.

And while I'm talking strategy...

A good team combo is an Assault with a Tech (especially in the Desert map)...because the Tech can keep healing the Assault guy, and repair the stations, while the Assault guy protects both the stations and his partner.

I have to shake my head sadly when I see a Tech heading out to try and tackle the enemy forces alone - or an Assault guy heads out on a lone gun mission leaving the Tech vulnerable. It's suicide.

And, of course, the other problem is that many Techs simply don't realise they can heal team-mates, or drop ammo. I've had that happen a few times...

A Dirty Harry quote seems appropriate here... "A man's got to know his limitations." And that's true of Siege. You have to know what you can do, and how you are vulnerable for each class. But more importantly...your team has to know that as well, and give you the appropriate support.
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