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Erm, I've got a few questions.
1. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but what part of the Cultistcommando NPC file do I need to put into other NPC files for dual guns?
2. This has already been asked, but I don't think it was answered. If you do G_Corpseremovaltime 0, and G_Saberrealisticcombat (is this the same as dismemberment btw?) is also activated, only the biggest part of the body remains. The rest fade away How can you stop this? Usually (unless I'm going for some funny screenies or something, or just messing around( I don't cheat, except for Saber combat thingy, but I love corpses lying around (even if it does cause slight lag, lol, once I kept spawning Stormies, and my blade killed them in a second or two, then there was a huge pile of them, and I was really lagging... I pushed them all into the sea though). I hate it in games that corpses fade away, because I like realism. So, how do ya?
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