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I must admit, I've been having just a little difficulty with figuring out what the optimum role for the Jedi is in either the Hoth or Desert maps. Though it's obvious that having good teamwork with a strategy is essential, how to accomplish that is not obvious at all - it's much more complicated than CTF teams.

Caveat... I should add that I'm one of those players who *gulp* only uses a saber and rarely if ever picks up a gun or explosive unless absolutely necessary (or to keep others from grabbing them). So obviously, I tend to only play the Jedi class in Siege. Also since my area of non-Siege expertise is in Saberstaff and Light Force powers, I tend to lean toward only those Jedi who use the staff, or the Healer/Cultist Tech class in Korriban. Call me crazy...

As a side note... one thing I've been trying lately is to actually limit my force powers in FFA and the other non-Siege modes to those of the types I like to play in Siege (Jedi Guardian and Marauder in Hoth/Desert, and Warrior, Healer, Mauler, and Cultist in Korriban), so that I can get used to not having maxxed out Jedi powers in several areas. It's not easy getting used to the inherent limitations for balance purposes applied to Siege.

Hopefully Strategic Academy will eventually have an article on the strategic and team based strategies inherent to the different maps... nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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