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Originally posted by Comm539
Jedi are crucial on hoth for the actual objectives. Especially opening the bridge and retrieving the access codes.
I think they're more of an escort on dessert though.
Yep...I'd agree with that. In fact, I was going to post that as a response until I saw your post.

The Jedi may be 'weak' but they are faster than a lot of the other players - and of course can use Force Jump to get them places a little faster in Hoth. You can also push back rockets/TDs etc., using Force Push, if you're good at that sort of thing. I saw a Jedi jump on top of the AT-ST and push a couple of rockets away, once.

But yes...Jedi are ideal candidates for unlocking the bridge controls, and getting the access codes to their destination. But they can't do it alone, and need a good gunner to watch their back and delay the enemy.

In the Desert map, a dark jedi can Force Grip a gunner, and thereby hinder their attacks. An Assault guy with portable canon up is a stationary target too, and vulnerable to lightsaber attacks.

A light Jedi can provide support to keep enemies off their team-mates. Oft-times I need someone to watch my back when I'm using the portable canon to drill through the wall, for example. Also...they can act as scouts by jumping on top of buildings to keep an eye on enemy movements - in a similar way to the enemy Scout class (Boba-Fett-alikes). Providing diversionary tactics to keep the enemy off the Assault guys trying to destroy the stations, or attack the gates, is pretty much essential.
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