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WOW... i feel so.... soo... um L33T!! lol

I still cant believe people dont know about this!


So back to wat i said in the first part of this thread!! lol

Im trying to see if anyone has made a script for this move

Oh by the way... if u like 2handbs thing... heres something else for you to practice at..... alot harder then air-bs (hmm ill assume u guys dont know wat this is either)( air-bs = jumping backslash)

try this one...

You now know about 2handbs, now try doing an air-2handbs!!

And yes it is possible.... on jk2.... dont try to tell me it aint.. cause i do it all the time. (this is the move i wanna get a script for). Im not going to give away how to do it exactly... lets see if you guys can do figure it out.... and for all u smartasses out there.... try doing it before u go yelling that its so dam easy.... even though it aint oo hard once u know how.

have fun trying this out

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