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..It was a Star Wars mod who had just stumbled in by mistake, and was trying to find a way out.

The happy group surrounded him.

"So....what up man?" said Roy, anxious to be friendly.

"Shhhh! Look! Look at that weapon he's got!" giggled roytordes'babe.

"It's a LIGHTSABER," said Orca Wail dramatically, in a know it all voice.

"Erm...I was just browsing the Jedi Knight forums and suddenly I was this...dirty old bar?" The Jedi-in-training seem very confused.

"Oh...don't worry, sir," said Ernil with a contemptibly mischeivous look in his eye. "We'll get you back where you came from."

"Yes," said Andy, "all you have to do is go through that door over there beyond the table where the three important-looking pirates are intoxicating themselves."

The Padawan then proceeded to that door, opened it boldly, was met by a large kitchen pot to his head, fell unconcious, and was dragged inside by his feet. A minute later a large SPLASH was heard.

"Cook's in a fine humor today," remarked Shivers nonchalantly.

Then Roy spotted Das again. This time he was....

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