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...everyones good friend Carl, Das is flirting with Carl!!

Mr and Mrs Tordes are canoodling in the corner, whilst Ray thumbs through an edition of the 1975 Littlewoods catalogue, focusing particularly on the huge pants section.....

.....Das, realising that his flirtation with everyones good friend Carl was doomed to failure (Carl muttered something about Das being an 'ass hole', and how the rules of the forum don't apply when you've been in the woods), tried to call back Pete the Millipede. Pete was having none of this and slapped Das in the face (with all his hands/feet), Das was inconsoleable.

Everyone piles into the 'unisex toilets' under advice from Ray, who figured it would be as good a meeting place as any. After a group discussion, the slovenly bunch decide to be more focused, stop dating insects, playing with lipstick and generally messing around, and get on to the important business of getting to the cinema and watching "Fettige dicke Mädchen in Leder".

....but oh no, while the gang have been in the toilet, they've been transported through time and space to everyones good friend Carls house...........Ray suggests that the group rape and pillage. das points out that rape is not the done thing, and was impossible because of the fact there was noone else in the house. Roy suggested that we drop the rape idea as it was rather tasteless and sterotypical. RoyTordes'Babe then suggested that the gang stick to leaving everyones good friend Carls freezer door open (hee hee), whilst continuing the looting and pillageing.........while rummaging through everyones good friend Carls drawers, the gang are horrified to find.......

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