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Originally posted by razorace
Why not "hire" staff now?
Because I have busted my ass on this stuff for over a year, alot of which was wasted time because of Lee but owell, such is life.

I don't want to hire just anyone, I want peace of mind that whomever is going to handle whatever their job is properly. once CM is released, it should get more peoples attention & interest. That's what I am waiting for.

There are only a select few I would hire on staff, you being one of them, but you have your own projects & I'm not 100% sure what I would need you for other than helping me with Skins Pack A.
Originally posted by Samuel Dravis
I don't know why you'd need staff for a mod pack...I've haven't been able to try it though; your site is not up.
I wouldn't need staff for just a mod pack, it's much more than that. There's skins, hilts, sounds, there's the forums, emails, the site, etc; etc. There's alot of stuff to maintain & I have had people asking me to come back to modding MoH for 6 months now, not to mention the Developers Union poroject, & not to mention the Jedi Action project, so needless to say, I need this thing running all on it's own so I can keep everything growing. It's alot for one guy to handle, which is why this thing has been taking me so long.

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