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A'melie: The Jedi I knew always told me that you shouldn't use the Force in such selfish ways...

Che: Who cares. We're saving the universe, remember? Whatever it takes to get it done.

Trael: Very interesting ships you have here.

Che: "Ships"? Where? There is no water here...

H'lena: You're really not up with our times, are you girl?

Che: I'm anything but that.

H'lena: Eh?

Che: I am not a girl.

H'lena: Believe me, from my perspective, well...

Rwos: Perhaps this 'menace' has some sort of time-twisting powers, or is interacting with this dimension from a plane outside of time altogether. Obviously the Aeges have taken each and every one of us from a different frame of time. Some closer together, others farther apart...

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