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.. everyones friend carls bathroom. "wow." andy was impressed. "he even has a computer in front of the bowl!" ..

"BOWL??" Ray listened up. his favourite game ever was 'the big dark deep unknown' TUM TUMM TUUUUUMMMMM!!! .. now he sees his chance.
but how to get andy and pete, who was extremly usable helping to hack the computer because he could type as fast as noone else, away from that darn computer so that he can play 'the big dark deep unknown' TUM TUMM TUUUUUMMMMM!!! with the bowl?

thinking about the solution he forgot about the game and suddenly found himself upstairs in everyones friend carls bedroom where he found a tv set and a nintendo 64. he called roy and das to come and bring the chips, beer and the blunts. "here i have a copy of diddy kong racing with me, lets have a race and eat chips and drink beer and *cough* on everyones friend carls bed" he said after roy and das came upstairs.

the race was on and ...

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