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Originally posted by flamin_tie:

1) Graphics- RS2 does have DECENT graphics...but sheer data size goes to Starfighter. (btw- I did fight for a Starfighter forum here...all my requests were shot down.)
2) Storyline- If RS2 will be anything like RS, the story will suck. Don't get me wrong, I loved RS, but the story had no point to me. at least in starfighter you are following a progressive story line that includes more than one character. And the ships kick arse.
3) PRICE!!!- First off, the cube system is gonna cost a fortune, and is only a quick-fix to catch up to sony and sega's latest systems, and it is gonna cost you a small fortune. On top of that, if we have learned anything from nintendo's game sales, the cube games are going to be costing upwards into 70 bucks a least with PS2 games like SF, its an even 50 or less.

1) LOL!!! I've seen Starfighter graphics and RS2 graphics and the difference is huge! Watch the movie previews! That's a seriously bad argument.

2) It's gonna be the movies storyline this time around. Not an original one like RS. So the movie missions are the central focus not an aside like in RS.

3) I wouldn't know.

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