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Originally posted by flamin_tie:
Oy...okay---starfighter is much better by looking on a few fronts...
1) Graphics- RS2 does have DECENT graphics...but sheer data size goes to Starfighter. (btw- I did fight for a Starfighter forum here...all my requests were shot down.)
2) Storyline- If RS2 will be anything like RS, the story will suck. Don't get me wrong, I loved RS, but the story had no point to me. at least in starfighter you are following a progressive story line that includes more than one character. And the ships kick arse.
3) PRICE!!!- First off, the cube system is gonna cost a fortune, and is only a quick-fix to catch up to sony and sega's latest systems, and it is gonna cost you a small fortune. On top of that, if we have learned anything from nintendo's game sales, the cube games are going to be costing upwards into 70 bucks a least with PS2 games like SF, its an even 50 or less.

What Grand Admiral Ice said...

I don't know what you're saying about Sony an Sega's latest systems. PS2 has only been out for a year, so it will be a while before Sony makes a new one. Sega has officially announced it will no longer make hardware, hence, Dreamcast is dead. You fail to mention anything about Xbox. Not that I care about Xbox. My loyalties lay with Nintendo, so :P.
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