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Okay, I've just been reading through all the posts and ppl still have doubts...

First of, the GameCube will be $100 cheaper than the PS2 when it is first released. The games and accessories will be around the same price as Sony's system, but the actual console will be cheaper.
While the GameCube is more powerful than the PS2 and basically dead even with the X-Box (my opinion, if you wanna know why then ask me), it can't play DVD Movies. This is for one simple fact. Nintendo doesn't want a system that can do everything, they want a system dedicated to doing one thing. Playing games, that's all.
Some ppl think that Starfighter is still better than RS2. Obviously those ppl haven't seen the pics and video clips of RS2 and how far it's come since the first media files were released. This is a whole new generation we're talking about. While Starfighter is a decent game, RS2 will blow everyone off their feet when it does come out.
What about what flamin_tie said:
"hate to be gloomy gus here...but to be completely honest...RS2 doesnt hold a flame to Starfighter....they havent spent nearly the time in program code...all they did was revamp the original RS coding to fit the cube graphics."
I'd hate to say it, but he doesn't know what he's talking about. Battle For Naboo was running off the RS1 engine. RS2 is a completely different ball park. You can't just expect to get a game engine and just graft new technology onto it.
Well that's all I have to say for today...

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