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Skinkie, when Gerbil was moderator, he chose to edit my first ever post to say "If you keep talking, you stupid f*ck, any post you decide to write will be instantly deleted.". Because of this, I asked for him to be banned, he wasn't banned but was de-modded. Good enough I thought, let's give the guy a second chance. Then he repeated his foul mouthed hostile behaviour, so some of us decided to play him at his own game (but without the swearing)....he proved he could dish it out, but couldn't take it in return, and when we wouldn't just "f*ck off" like he asked us, he decided to go and give some abuse to the Admins who had de-modded him after his original outburst.

I wouldn't object to him coming back, as long as he realised he can't just tell virtual strangers to "f*ck off", just because he's decided they are a "dumb ass" based on their first post.

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