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Misae: For once I agree...I'm sensing something is very not right.

*The voice in the back of her mind returns, this time much more faintly than before*


*A tiny white mechanical object floats above high above the dwarven city. Its black center focuses in on the group amongst the buildings.

Two minutes later, Marin emerges from the room, dressed in the attire the dwarf had given her, and in a body which combined the features of all the dwarfs she had touched in order to create a unique specimen*

Marin: <I'm ready.> *She speaks aloud using the dwarf mouth, sounding a bit awkward and gravelly* R...r...rea-ady. W-wil need to p-praactice with-th this mou-th before mmaking an-y sort of pro-clam-ations.

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