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Getting the Tie Fighter is tough, I've finally finished getting it. You must, i repeat, MUST finish the Imperial Heist Missons, stealing the Tie Fighter in both of them. The day mission is a little more difficult, after you get past the final sensor arrays, fly up over the mountains almost directly behind you, DON'T let any imperials see you. There should be a huge area in the mountains where there is a communications array, right beside it is a tie fighter. Shoot it with ions until it takes off, after it takes off, shoot it with ions again, back off, then it should land, when it does, a rebel logo will appear over top of it. Steal the tie and complete the mission, but the Empire will know that you stole the tie so you'll have to work fast, knock out the turrets around the Shuttle quick, and get it out of there! During the night it's a little easier, after you get past the sensor arrays, there will be a path farthest to your left, go down the path, there will be a landing pad, and a tie fighter! SHOOT THE PILOT and steal the tie, flying into the same Rebel logo. Complete the mission, they won't know that you've stolen the tie, however until you fire your weapons, so keep the finger off the trigger until you're ready to fire on the turrets around the shuttle. Then you should have the tie fighter! right before you choose a mission, you know where it shows what craft are available, you should see the tie there also, it's in the back right of the hangar.
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