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Music (Not a piracy discussion)

One thing I've seen a lack of discussion here is music. But no longer!

At school, I find a lot of kids bashing on music. Just the other day, someone named a band (I don't remember which). I couldn't hold back, I had to ask: How can you listen to that crap?

So he went on to inquire about what I listened to. He asked if I listened to Mudvayne, Slipknot, some various punk bands (Sum 41, et cetera), and so forth. I could hardly keep a straight face. Then he asked me to tell him what I did listen to. I started with something he might find at least slightly tangible. The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin... And then he interrupted me with a sizable "WTF!"...

Is it just me or is respect for music going down the drain? It seems like kids are just buying into radio dribble. I rarely mention that I also listen to jazz and classical because that just leaves people at school slack jawed. In fact, I'm listening to classical right now.

I don't find things such as rap and death metal, which hardly consist of more than a hard hitting beat to be music. A rythmn, yes, but not music...

So do you find current music to really be credible? Do you think it will get worse (if applicable)? What are the effects of the loss of music in a society?
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