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Commercialization has killed music as an artform to solidify it as an industry.

As an industry, it makes lots of money for musicians, producers, record labels and the like. But as an artform, it's gone down the tubes.

Bands with the talent of Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin are rare. I found it interesting that in the 1970's, Led Zepplin was criticized heavily by the music community as being to "over the top," etc.... but in the 1990's, 11 years after the band broke up with the death of their drummer, they were lauded as "ahead of their time" and "geniuses of rock" by the very publication that was overly critical of them. Namely Rolling Stone.

Pink Floyd was always a rarity and Waters was always concerned with the artistic value of his work. He was filming their work before MTV and VH1 and was one of the few musicians that blended the visual art with music in ways that cannot be described unless one has seen/heard The Wall. Even the album covers created a visual connection to the music.

These days, I stick to Jazz forms like Cool, Bebob, and Hard Bob. I can listen to artists like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker all day and not tire of the music. My car radio has three presets: NPR, a Classic Jazz station from a local university, and an A.M. all-news station.

I've little sympathy for the music industry's plight with the Peer-to-Peer scene... if artists want to save the industry, some serious restructuring and shifts in paradigms are needed. I want to see the return of music for the sake of art and not the $. In the 60's and 70's, you could still find radio stations devouted to genres like Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, Texas/Panhandle Blues, Country, Western, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Popular, Rythym & Blues, Soul, Motown, Swing Jazz, Dixieland Jazz, Cool/Bop Jazz, Acid Jazz, etc., etc., etc.

These days you get: Alternative, Country (without the "western"), Classic Rock, Hip-Hop/Pop, Rap, and Smooth Jazz.

Another favorite genre of mine is Blues. I like all the regional styles and the stuff from artists of the 50's & 60's like Muddy Waters, Son House, Robert Johnson, and anyone with "Blind" at the beginning of their first name (Blind Willie, Blind John, Blind Mississippi... etc.)

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