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Cool Guy Number Two Mustard and OTHER PRODUCTS!

Hehehehe. With any luck, this has never been adressed before, but Number Two products, T-shirts, and yes, mustard would be terrific.

It was recently Holdios' B-day, and we took an actual jar of mustard, took off the labels, and made new ones with the Number Two pictures. We printed then out on this special paper that you can use as stickers and put them on the jar and TA-DA! Number Two's Special Blend! If you guys want, I can try and get u a pic of the jar, and the writing on the back.

Also, I had an idea for a birthday cake. You know how some places you can give them a pic and they'll put it on a b-day cake? Well? Why not a tierra b-day cake? Why not tierra/number two party kits with poppers and those crazy little hats? Why not even NUMBER TWO BUMPER STICKERS THAT SAY GR8 M8!!
YAYAYAYAYAAAAAA!!!! HAHAHAHAAAA (Runs out of forum screaming)


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