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Well evangellic, as they say ignorance is bliss, so ill just presume your ignorant.

Although the clan may have potential, no clan can 'own' this game because of the touch and go game physics. I've seen it (not just from me, but with loads of people.) People should clearly win after getting a few direct hits, but it either doesnt damage (due to it recording it wrongly as a miss) or it does little damage (due to it being recorded in the wrong the area of hit ie. the leg bx instead of the head box).
The other thing is blocks aren't always blocks and hits aren't always hits. This is a bug and yet another reason why playing competetively atm is a farse.
And no its not because saber damage is set to something ridiculous, its a bug that was even present in JK2, just that now it seems mch much worse.

As for this game requiring more skill than learning from playing mp for 30 mins...that is my belief. Don't forget that Raven pruposely targeted this game for people to come along and play (ie. not needing to learn a great deal). So by definition, to play competetively is to play a game that does not take a great deal of skill. And I don't see how a competetive community can thrive on that (with there being to prospect to expand in strategy, tactics or skill without going against ravens aim to target the game at unskillful players). But if they do wish to target the game for a more skilled audience, thats great news. The End.
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