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A bunch of dirty, swashbuckling pirates, swilling grog and telling bad jokes. They stared for a couple of minutes at the eery-looking newcomers, but most of them were too drunk to be scared or anything.

Orca gingerly stepped over the see her Bob in passionate liplock with a common ghost-wench at the table where the Important-Looking Pirates usually sat.

"NOOOOOOOO!" she yelled, and turned, half-running, half-staggering to the door. Das caught her, and held her fast so she wouldn't throw herself off the pier and try to die....again.

"Orca!" cried Bob in genuine amazement. "I thought you were...alive!"

No one said anything for a minute, until the wench looked saucily at Ray, who grabbed her and ran out the door! Bob and Orca both began to cry.

"Nobody loves me," they said at the exact same time. Then they bothe jumped up and hugged each other, making everyone laugh.

"Sho...." Ernil said, about as schnockered as a ghost can get, "when'sha wedding, youngunsh?"

But just at that happy moment....

The man who hesitates goes home with jack. And his kids hate him.
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