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Shivers returns from the ladies room with a fully grown silver beard, in order to impress her beloved Purple, and uses her shrinking ray on Ernil's grog, as well as the barrel in back!

Faced with serious withdrawl symptoms, Ernil begins to do somersaults, trying to ward off the ever ominous hangover.

Meanwhile, Bob and Orca have snuck off to a corner. As the group begins to search for them, Das, who has been pacing the outside perimeter and for some reason donned a blond mullet wig, is thrown through the window onto a table surrounded by three men of low moral fiber, two pirate wenches, and a waitress.

"Ahh!" says the first pirate to the waitress, "excellent service ye filthy barmaid! Me wench was delivered before ye even got the order back te the kitchen!"

Das looks foggily around, evaluating his precarious situation, and then notices another of the three pirates eyeing him lustily.

"Hey... look at your own wench!" he mutters, as she come into focus. She has a vaugly familair face..

"Thats right," says the pirates own wench, who Das has deduced is Emma. "I mean really, I am currently the fifth sexiest gamer in the UK."

"We know!" Shouts everyone within a thousand mile radius.

"My god!" Orca says to Bob "Is that a..."

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