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"PURPLE!!!!" She rushed into the chron-o-john to greet him.

"Oh no." said Roy. He had mistaken Purple Tentacle for RTB (who was dead and gone and irrevivable ever) and rushed away, screaming, "Why must you haunt me you horrid beast!"

Elaine looked after Roy confusedly. "Does he realize who's ship he just ran onto?" She said. "Mr. Fossey will tar and feather him!"

Meanwhile, Shiver and Purple were dragging as many of the passed out drunks (most specifically Ernil and Guybrush) as they could into the chron-o-john. They hopped in, both brandishing their shrinking rays at the gathered crowd, beards glistening in the weak light of the SCUMM bar.

"To... The PAST!!" yelled Shiver, pushing the -200 years button and trying to close the door simultainiously.

"But you didn't take me!" Yelled Emma, looking jealously at Das, lying with his mullet wig on the floor of the chron-o-john. "And I am currently the fifth sexiest gamer in the UK!! Want to see my picture?"

Ignoring her,Orca, Bob, and Alia yelled "Stop them!"and all three grabbed ont the bottom of the chron-o-john, and then in a flash of light...

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