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After playing against Bots using Saberstaff and FF for a couple of hours, here's some things I noticed and wrote down about the patch differences... and pardon me if they're repeats of earlier items:

*The saber animations are dramatically improved - tighter and cleaner.

*With the staff, the Strafe swings are much cleaner, as are the Left/Right Butterfly moves - so much so, that they almost seem like they've been reprogrammed or something.

*With staff, the Walk + Backpedal + Strafe attacks do seem to be much different than before. It could simply be an animation thing... but I've been using staff for awhile, and the moves overall seem to have more variation to them. Maybe they were just blocky before.

*The Backflip Attack is much easier to execute on the timing.

*I didn't change my graphics card or video settings at all, but everything seems to look much crisper than it did before. Seriously... I do have an ATI 9000 card, however; so maybe the update affected the aniosotropic settings or something. It is clearer here... like I turned up the resolution or something.

*The Kicks have swoosh sounds! And they're much more accurate and quicker... especially the Jump Kicks, which are finally useful. The stab after the Kick worked smoothly as well. Still no Hilt Bash though...

*Swings are much more precise, especially noticeable with the Roll Stab and Crouch + Strafe cross swings.

*Blocking works! I actually blocked a Red Stance swing without moving to the side for once.

*The backroll isn't as big a deal as one might think. It's still pretty easy to do, it just can't be spammed or done from a standing postion. Simply jump straight up quickly and then execute it as normal.

Well these were just my impressions... one major difference was that I seemed to play much better against my usual Jedi Master practice bots than I normally do. Could've just been excitement... but the whole experience was simply more enjoyable than usual.

I give it three thumbs up...

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