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Still waiting for our server to show up in the list. Hope they fixed it.

I've played for a bit on 1.01, and -this- is the game I wanted. This is the way it should have been from day one. I am quite pleased.
All the movements, even walking, feels different to me. So much smoother. The transitions from move to move are easier, and much more fluid.

What they did with the roll, I like that. Just, makes sense to me.
Barrier seems to last for only half the time as it used to.
Each and every movement of the sabers seem to have sounds. You should hear Barrier. hehe.

Jawa model is still accessible. Guess they either forgot about it, or didn't classify it as an illegal model. Saber locks are still buggy. Nothing has changed with them. Which is a disapointment but, everything else seems to be great.

I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but in 1.00 Two Sabers seemed a little off with the damage. Too strong vs the other sabers, but it now seems to be balanced out. And, another thing that still remains, is the saber spinning around you after a throw occasionally. Meh, can't get everything fixed all at once.
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